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Установка Слота Расширения в экипировку. Как только вы получите augment kit (создадите сами или купите), можете отправляться к станциям модификации. Эти станции находятся на флоте в секции Командных Навыков прямо напротив тренеров. Выберете любой нужный предмет и... Solved: can't add augment slots in swtor - Answer HQ : STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™. : Technical Issues. : can't add augment slots in swtor.Hello, my problem is I can't add augment slots. Even though I have the kits and the credits necessary, when I click "buy augment slot" nothing happens. Tips to Augment Gear at Least Cost with Swtor Kotfe… To augment gear, you need to get the mk-10 augment kits, put them on your gear, and then put into the augment slots. It worth noting that you don’tPersonally, Swtor2credits recommends putting the augments into some gear you will always use, as buying more kits and adding them to armor is... SWTOR update 1.3 plays dress ups with augment slots

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Yes, you still can. Be warned that the augment slot you get post-1.3 with the crit crafting will have a tier corresponding to the item level. So post 1.3, it is not really worth your time to crit craft low level gear for augment slots. Only players with these crew skills can craft the augment kits. Ten Ton Hammer | SWTOR Augment Slot Guide The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR undergoes a radical transformation in patch 1.3. In the new system, you can add an augment slot to any piece of equippable gear, from earpieces to implants to generators. A look at the Augment Kits and Slots in 1.3 - Dulfy

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Augment | Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki | FANDOM ... Augment is an extra slot on equipment such as weapons and armor that can give the item to make an extra stat bonus available. Augments schematics are obtained through ... Swtor Augment Recipe List The system of adding augment slots to gear in SWTOR underwent a radical transformation in patch You can purchase the recipe from your crew skill trainer.

This video shows you how to add augment slots to your gear and the augment modification. You can pretty much augment any piece of gear you have or better ...

Adding augment slots swtor Has it been confirmed that crit-crafted gear that already has an augment slot can have another augment slot added to it? Can I get the materials for the augment slots from slicing, scavenging etc? Swtor: Let’s Clarify BiS Gear. – Accomp.me Well – you’re sort of right, but there’s more to it. BiS is actually crafted orange gear with an augment slot. Then you take the mods from your Nightmare Mode EC gear and dump it into the appropriate orange gear. Swtor EndGame Gearing Guide for PvE and PvP (Updated for 5.9

Once you have good gear that you feel you’re going to hold on to for a while you can improve it by adding Augments through crafting and Item Modification Tables.

Crew Skills is the SWTOR ... If the crafting schematic was for a moddable piece of gear, the Augment slot will be ... To add mods to a piece of moddable gear, ... Swtor Armstech Augment Recipes